Book me as a Speaker

I have spoken on several topics related to health and well-being. I am passionate about debunking myths and want to inspire people to take charge of their health and well being by sharing everything I've learned in my own journey.

My personal struggle, my ability to see patterns in myself and others and my deep desire to help have given me a unique insight on nutrition, exercise, and the power of having a "warrior" mindset.

I have spoken at non profit organizations, women's networking groups, public libraries, rotary clubs and conducted private seminars and workshops on weight loss, personal growth and self development.



Venues and Workshops:


Raise your Vibe "Self Development" Workshop


My Training Gym "30 Day Challenge Seminars"

NAMI SAMHAJ "Benefits of Exercise and Nutrition for mental health" workshop


Livingston Public Library "New year, new me" seminar


Believe Inspire Grow "Supercharge your metabolism" seminar

BuyLocal NJ "Local Business Feature" interview