At its core, we all want the same things in life:

A strong BODY
A healthy MIND

We spend most of our time chasing the material world hoping that it will get us in a state of bliss in our mind and spirit. 



Hi, I'm Chitra Rochlani aka "Fit Warrior Chitra" and I struggled with weight all my life.

I had tried every diet possible and lost and gained weight more times than I could remember. I got sick and tired of all the yo-yo diets and decided I was done.
But in December 2013 I went shopping for a New Year's Eve dress and realized I had gained more weight as nothing fit me. I weighed over 230 pounds, my heaviest ever. 
In the next 10 months, I went on to lose 80 pounds and learned so much about sustainable nutrition, effective exercise, and most importantly a warrior mindset.

Today, I have a clean bill of health and a strong body that I love, and freedom from emotional/stress eating and I want to help you achieve the same.