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Do you...

Wonder how some people have all the luck and everything seems to work out for them?

Wish you could stop negative thoughts like doubt, worry, fear, and insecurity in their tracks?

Wish you could use your logic and intellect while also tapping into your instinct and intuition?

Want to make decisions that you never have to second guess?

If you answered yes... any of the above questions, then you are in the right space. 
Welcome to The Warrior Mindset Collective,
an inspiring space where you can raise your vibe by combining your intuition and intellect with like-minded Warriors.


Hi I'm Chitra Rochlani, author of the Amazon best-selling book "The Warrior Mindset" and I am on a mission to shift your mindset from:

  • Doubter to Believer

  • Fearful to Fearless

  • Victim to Victor

  • Insecure to Secure

  • Stressed to Blessed

  • Abundance to Scarcity and

  • Worrier to Warrior

I truly believe that 99% of our problems begin and end in our mind. When we detox the mind, using my simple, yet powerful 3 A's formula, we eradicate stress and create space for creativity and flow.


There is tremendous power in using our logical left brain and our artistic right brain in alignment. 

Don't let your past experiences dictate that you are either left brained or right brained. You may have a natural propensity towards one side due to your past conditioning, but trust me when I tell you, that you are capable of using both to their fullest power. 

As a medium and intuitive, I can easily help you tap into your instinct, and get guidance on creative solutions to problems.

This is the power of alignment and it gets us into a state of ease and flow that feels magical. 


The Warrior Mindset Collective

The Warrior Mindset Collective is designed to help you:
- Detox and destress your mind
- Tap into your inner compass aka your intuition.
- Make win-win-win (x3) decisions with confidence
- Attract abundance in all areas of your life.

Program Highlights:

- 2x per month LIVE meetings (Virtual OR In-person)
- LIVE Channeled messages for the group
- Intuition Exercises
- Group Discussion
- Individual and Collective Manifestation

Bonus offers:
- Discounted 1:1 Readings
- Guest Speaker Sessions
- Office Hours

My intention for this group is to create a space that enables you to navigate life with a clear intention and nurture your under-utilized super-powers like intuition. My goal is to facilitate group discussions using the collective wisdom in the group to elevate our energy and manifest magic in our daily lives. I want you to experience peace, love and joy every day of your life without losing yourself in the chaos around you. 

We were born with strong instincts and intuition like most animals, but in our quest for linear success we lost our ability to trust our gut and navigate life according to our unique strengths and abilities. 

Its time to dig deep and unleash your inner Warrior!

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warrior not worrier.png

A little more about me: 
I am a Wellness Coach, Speaker, and best-selling author of “The Warrior Mindset: 7 mindset shifts to unleash your inner warrior” 
I am on a mission to help my clients achieve radical self-acceptance so they can be 100% aligned with their truth & manifest their dreams with ease and flow. I use my 3 A’s framework to inspire transformation through interactive workshops, 1:1 Readings, and this  Monthly membership program.

I am the founder of Fit Warrior Life, and a NASM-certified personal trainer (CPT), Behavior Change Specialist (BCS), and Precision Nutrition Coach.

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