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 You are never too old to reach your dream body goals. Let me to help you identify:

  • Your current metabolic blueprint: What's holding you back? 

  • Your goal: How do you want to look, feel and perform?

  • Your roadmap: What's the quickest, most efficient way to get there?


Do you...

Workout regularly but don't see the results of your hard work?

Eat less and even skip meals but still struggle to watch that belly shrink?

Wish you could control those late night cravings?

Think you need to accept your middle-age body as-is?

Wish you could wear shorts and bathing suits with confidence?

Suffer from brain fog and wish you had more mental clarity?

Wish getting "healthy" wasn't so confusing?

Sadly, I know exactly how that feels...


This was me in 2013 at a summer picnic.


I couldn't wear shorts even though it was a scorching hot day.


I couldn't run around with my kids, because I didn't know if I could keep up with them.

I volunteered to take all the pictures as I didn't want to be in them. Some how this picture got taken and I didn't delete it.

The struggle of being overweight wasn't new to me, I had dealt with it ALL my life and I lived with shame and guilt all along.

Today when I look back, I realize that:


I wasn't lazy, I had gym memberships ever since I was 16.


I wasn't a quitter, I kept looking for a way out despite the failed attempts.

I wasn't eating a lot of junk, I ate as healthy as I "knew" how to.

But the more I tried, the more I yo-yo'd up and down the roller-coaster I like to call "Dream Crasher". With each "high" my hopes went up, and with each "low" my dreams crashed.

This left me exhausted and frustrated.

Can you relate?

But today I feel completely different...

This was me at my brand photo shoot getting ready to launch my website a few years ago.


In 2014, I lost 80 lbs and that experience not only changed my body, it changed my LIFE.


Today I savor all the food I eat, from my healthy avocado toast to the occasional pizza and ice cream. 

I have run 5Ks, mud races and spartan races, and even competed in a local Ninja Warrior competition.


I wore shorts in public for the first time and I love wearing my halter neck tops and dresses to show off my shoulders.

My numbers are all in the normal range, my periods are predictably regular, my eczema has cleared, my knees don't creak as I climb the stairs and I can keep up with my kids in biking, basketball and in the pool.

AND you couldn't "pay" me to hate my body.I love it and respect it for all the AMAZING things it does for me?


I am grateful for my journey and all the lessons (good and bad) I learned from it. My personal experiences taught me a lot and help me relate to my clients better but that wasn't enough for me to become a coach.

I needed to study and understand the science behind what I have know through my experience. So I decided to get certified as a

  • NASM CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and  

  • PRECISION Nutrition Coach

  • NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)

and I continue to keep my certifications up-to-date every two years so that my knowledge is up to speed with the latest science and I can continue to make fitness sustainable and accessible for my clients.


Looking back, I realize that not only was the fitness industry filled with quick fixes and gimmicks, but nobody was talking about the post-weight loss maintenance phase and there was another HUGE component missing....

There was absolutely no focus on EMPOWERMENT in the journey.


Most people get on the "diet" bandwagon with the sole focus of going "all or nothing" and can't wait to get off it and eat "normal" foods again. 
I don't
know about you but for me, the key to sustainable change lies in feeling empowered. If you told me to deprive myself and isolate myself , I know it won't last long, but if I understand why I'm making those choices and come from a place of feeling empowered, I most certainly do better.

Feeling EMPOWERED made me want to keep going, it made me UNSTOPPABLE.

 As I began sharing my "fit warrior" method with my clients, they began reporting weight loss, more energy, better health and mental clarity and invariably said they had never been able to get out of that "all or nothing" approach before this.

Here's what some of my recent clients had to say:

Tara (1).png

My client Lal has lost 10 lbs (8 lbs in the first month) since she began working on her food and exercise. I made small but significant tweaks to her eating habits and pushed her in our virtual sessions. Not only did she lose weight, but her blood sugar went from pre-diabetic to normal levels. She even fit into her "small" clothes again.

Untitled Design 2.PNG

My client Ele lost 9 lbs in her first month of working with me virtually. She loved the energy of the LIVE workouts and being pushed out of her comfort zone.  Not only did she lose weight, she fell in love with her body again and rocked her wedding dress a few weeks later.

LISA (2).png

I want YOU to imagine yourself 90 days from now. You look in the mirror and you:


  • are leaner, stronger and fitter

  • know exactly how to manage your meals

  • love the confident woman smiling back at you 


But before you jump on board, let's find out if this is the right program for you.

 This program is NOT for you if:

  • you’re looking for a quick fix/ miracle

  • you think this is going to be temporary

  • you get discouraged by the success of others around you

  • you don't like being pushed out of your comfort zone

 This program is FOR you if:

  • you are tired of all the confusion and B.S. in the weight loss industry

  • you are open to being nudged out of your comfort zone

  • you love being part of a tribe and cheering your fellow warriors

  • you are done hating on your body 

If that sounds like you and you’re ready to master:


  • Meal-prep so you are always armed and ready with healthy food options

  • Movement 3 times a week in LIVE virtual workouts with me

  • A WARRIOR mindset so we make serious changes for life


then let’s get you a spot in mPowered Weight loss, the program that takes you out of that maze of confusion, that hamster wheel and into cruise control mode so you can enjoy getting lean, fit and strong.


This holiday season, let’s get healthy and slip into that LBD with ease and rock it with the confidence a badass warrior like you deserves.

IMG_0142 3.jpg


Learn how to connect with your body and challenge yourself to maximize results.



Learn how to master meal prep and kickstart your metabolism, so you always have quick, healthy meals at hand.



Motivation gets you started, mindset keeps you consistent.

Get into a WARRIOR mindset and keep the results you get.

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