I worked out, where’s my trophy?

Working out is hard. It takes a huge amount of commitment to make them happen. 

These are just some of the steps involved:

  1. We need to research our options based on our goals, schedule and budget.

  2. Explore the options (and there are many) and identify the right workout.

  3. No workout can be accomplished without buying cute looking workout clothes and gear.

  4. Sign up for a session

  5. Set an alarm to wake up just in time.

  6. Wake up, eat something & actually show up.

  7. Deal with the agony of being around those who “love” to show up to each class.

  8. Fight the urge to give up every 10 minutes.

  9. Finish the workout in a pool of sweat and agony.

  10. Realize that the workout that nearly killed us barely made a dent in that holiday belly.

You would think any effort of this magnitude would result in instant shrinkage on the waistline and if not, each workout would come with its own cheerleading squad and some celebratory champagne and confetti.

Now what if I told you to stop focusing on the end result and worry about the path and the trajectory you have taken instead.

I recently reread the book Atomic habits, and heard this example mentioned in the book. If you were in a plane going from California to New York and the pilot decided to make a very small turn about 3.5 degrees to the right, you would barely notice the turn. However, when the plane lands, you will be surprised to learn that in fact you have landed in Washington D.C.

The point is, that we need to focus on the path and stay on course with consistency, no matter how small a step we take towards our goal. This is why I recommend taking the following steps to make the journey more joyful:

  1. Find a workout you love or at least enjoy enough to show up.

  2. Find a buddy (or 5) to do it with.

  3. Hire a coach who will not only help you crush those goals but also cheers you along the way.

  4. Set some small realistic challenges and celebrate each win.

  5. Don’t go all out into marathon training, focus on consistency instead.

And even though one workout isn’t going to get us fit, or one night of indulging isn’t going to make us put on a ton of weight, every attempt no matter how small will add up to giant leaps. So this new year I wish you success in building consistency in your journey. 

Let’s drink (some H20) to that, shall we? Cheers!

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