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Are you looking for an inspiring, passionate, engaging, speaker for your next event?

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Did you know that 90% of disease is related to stress?
Stress negatively impacts not only our physical and mental health but also keeps us from aligning with our purpose. Chitra is an educator at heart and loves to bring in elements of inspiration, entertainment and humor into her talks. Chitra understands that in order to change people's minds, she needs to meet them where they are and take them on a transformative journey to help them attract their dream lives.
She is on a mission to help her clients eradicate stress and overwhelm from the root rather than stick a bandaid on it. She does this by empowering them to do a deep dive into their mindset, and restructure their beliefs in themselves and the world around them. In her insightful, and inspiring workshops, she uses her 3 A’s framework to help participants see instant shifts with activities and exercises.
Her goal is to help reconnect you to who you were meant to be before the world changed you and redefine success on your own terms. She believes that each of us have an evil inner witch and an inner warrior competing to dictate our thoughts, words, actions, and ultimately our results.


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Podcast interview 

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Podcast interview 

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Podcast interview 
Be The Vessel

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