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We all have a story to share and here's mine!


I was born in India and soon after my birth, my parents moved to Dubai for a better life. I grew up in small-town Dubai (which wasn't the world's entertainment capital back then). After I finished high school I had to go back to India for my higher education. This is where I lived on my own for the first time and began my unofficial Ph.D. in ME.


I returned back to Dubai and began working and enjoying the perks of my first job. I began discovering who I was and developed a keen interest in psychology but before I could pursue it further, I got married (in a good-old arranged marriage) and got shipped off to the U.S. I got introduced to the world of mediums and got initiated myself in 2001. 

As a first-generation immigrant in the U.S., I went through a lot of ups and downs. I landed here with the quintessential American dream of freedom in my eyes. That dream turned into reality pretty quickly as I realized that being on a spouse visa meant that I had to wait about 2.5 years to get my work permit and apply for a job.

In an attempt to keep myself occupied, I joined a gym and the local library and made my first friends there. I joined classes to keep myself busy and learned photography, painting, pottery, etc. 

I had to quickly adapt to a new place and make it home. It wasn't easy, but I am grateful for the friends I made here as they have become my family over the years. I currently live in New Jersey with my husband, 2 boys, and my fur-baby girl.

When I'm not coaching clients or speaking at workshops, I can be found hanging out with my boys at the pool or the beach. I am a personal growth junkie and love discussing spirituality and self-improvement topics. Summer is my favorite season and the beach is my happy place.

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