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A transformative

8 week intensive

designed to empower you to fall in love

with your body as

you train it to

become a

healthier, stronger and happier self.


Do you...

Wish you had more energy to keep up with your family?
Wish you could eat your favorite foods with ZERO guilt?

Wish you always had delicious meals prepped and ready to eat?

Wish you could control your cravings?

Wish you could wear those shorts and bathing suits with confidence?

Avoid being in family photos because of the way you look?

Suffer from fatigue and brain fog during the week?

Wish getting "healthy" wasn't so confusing?


This was me in 2013 at a summer picnic.
I couldn't run around with my kids, because I didn't know if I could keep up with them.

I volunteered to take all the pictures as I didn't want to be in them. Somehow this picture got taken and I didn't delete it.

The struggle of being overweight wasn't new to me, I had dealt with it ALL my life and I lived with shame and guilt all along.

Today when I look back, I realize that:
I wasn't lazy, I have worked out regularly since I was 16.
I wasn't a quitter, I kept looking for a way out despite the failed attempts.

I wasn't eating a lot of junk, I ate as healthy as I "knew" how to.

But the more I tried, the more I yo-yo'd up and down the roller-coaster, I like to call "Dream Crasher". With each "high" my hopes went up, and with each "low" they came crashing down.

This left me exhausted and frustrated.

Can you relate?

Today things are very different.

I have developed new habits that serve me and my body for good health, longevity, and energy. 

I have created a meal prep mastery system so that I am always #ArmedAndReady with meals that nourish my body and keep me energized and satiated throughout the day. 

My doctor is always happy with my numbers, as they are all in the healthy, normal range. 

My periods are on-the-dot regular, my eczema has cleared, and my knees don't creak as I climb the stairs. 

My hair and nails are healthy and my skin is clear. I meditate regularly and have finally figured out what intuitive eating means. 

It is all part of my Mpowered Warrior Challenge and I love sharing all my tips and strategies with my clients.

I love watching them become conscious about their food, exercise, and mindset and seeing that ripple into the lives of their families.


I am grateful for my journey and all the lessons I learned from it. My personal experiences taught me a lot and help me relate to my clients better but that wasn't enough for me to become a coach.

I needed to study and understand the science behind what I have known through my experience. So I decided to get certified as a

  • NASM CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and  

  • PRECISION Nutrition Coach

  • NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)

and I continue to keep my certifications up-to-date every two years so that my knowledge is up to speed with the latest science and I can continue to make fitness sustainable and accessible for my clients.


Looking back, I realize that the fitness industry is filled with quick fixes and gimmicks. They want to get you quick results but don't focus on the importance of nourishing the body for great health and longevity.

There is also another HUGE component missing... t
here is absolutely no focus on EMPOWERMENT in the journey. My focus has been on helping my clients detox their bodies of all processed foods filled with inflammation-causing ingredients. I do this by teaching them how to make meal prep easy and accessible to everyone. 
As part of the Mpowered fitness journey, you get to experience fat-burning, metabolism boosting movement, meal prep mastery and an mpowered mindset. 

As I began sharing my "fit warrior" method with my clients, they began reporting fat loss, more energy, better health, and mental clarity. They also looked at their body in a positive more loving light. Check out some of the amazing success my warriors have seen:

Check out some of my program graduates below:

Meet Monica:


She has found a wonderful balance between eating clean during the week, indulging during the weekend and understanding how much exercise her body needs to keep her feeling good

Weight: Down 25+ lbs

Inches: Down 20+ inches


Meet Kathy:


She had some amazing results from the inside out in just 2 short months.

Weight: Down 18 lbs

Inches: Down 20 inches

Meet Ele:

She lost 9 lbs in her first month of working with me virtually. 

She loved the energy of the classes and got in great shape just in time for her wedding day.

Untitled Design 2.PNG

Meet Marisa: She has practically reverse aged through her journey.

Weight: Down 13 lbs

Inches: Down 20"

She has mastered meal-prep, movement and mindset. Marisa loves her new body and lifestyle.

Meet Seema:

Weight: Down 14 lbs

Inches: Down 11 inches

She mastered the 3 Ms, regained control of her body and built some strong, healthy habits.

75A3DD51-14CE-4C84-B611-07586E259F46 2.J

I want YOU to imagine yourself 8 weeks from now. You look in the mirror and you:


  • are moving your body with confidence and can push yourself safely.

  • have mastered the art of meal prepping clean delicious meals for your family.

  • fall in love with the beautiful, confident woman smiling back at you.


But before you jump on board, let's find out if this is the right program for you.

 This program is NOT for you if:

  • you’re looking for a quick fix/ miracle

  • you think this is going to be temporary

  • you get discouraged by the success of others around you

  • you don't like being pushed out of your comfort zone

 This program is FOR you if:

  • you are tired of all the confusion and B.S. in the weight loss industry

  • you are willing to invest in your health

  • you are open to being nudged out of your comfort zone

  • you love being part of a group and cheering your fellow warriors

  • you are done hating on your body 

If that sounds like you and you’re ready to master:


  • Meal-prep so you are always armed and ready with healthy food options

  • Movement 3 times a week in LIVE virtual workouts with me

  • A WARRIOR mindset so we make serious changes for life


then let’s get you a spot in my next mPowered Warrior challenge, the program that takes you out of that maze of confusion, into cruise control mode so you can enjoy getting healthy, fit and strong.


Let's bring out the inner warrior in you! Challenge begins 9.9.22



Learn how to connect with your body and challenge yourself to maximize results.



Learn how to master meal prep and kickstart your metabolism, so you always have quick, healthy meals at hand.



Motivation gets you started, mindset keeps you consistent.

Get into a WARRIOR mindset and keep the results you get.

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