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Did you know our birth as a human has a 1 in 14 million chance of happening? My birth was an even bigger miracle. My parents had 2 kids five years before I was born and they were done. I wasn't on their family plan but I guess I was meant to come into this world. My story went from "I wasn't wanted" to "I'm here despite so many reasons I shouldn't".


I was born in India, but my family moved to Dubai when I was 2-3 yrs old. I went to school in Dubai, college back in India and finally moved to the United States about 23 years ago after marrying my husband. I studied textile designing, worked as a banker, started a photography business and ended up as a health and wellness coach. I have been adapting for longer than I can remember. My story went from "I can't stick to one profession" to I'm creative, persistent and passionate"


I was 5 yrs old when I had a tonsillectomy and that's when I began to gain weight. I didn't realize at the moment that this would become a lifelong struggle. The weight gain taught me about guilt, shame and did a number on my self worth and self esteem. I get struggle firsthand and now when my clients share their body struggles, I can connect to them at a much deeper level. My story went from "Why me?" to "I'm so grateful for the struggle and all the lessons it taught me"


I joined my first gym called "Slim n Trim" when I was 16, and my first diet came soon after, I tried the GE diet, the Watermelon diet, Slim fast, Atkins, Weight watchers, South beach, etc. But each time I lost weight, I gained it all back (with interest). Of course, my emotions went along for the roller coaster ride each time. I'd lose the weight, feel good, get my hopes up high, and then invariably gain the weight back and feel frustrated and lost again. I never stopped trying! My story went from "I'll never get there" to "Look at how persistent I am, I don't give up"


I realized that the biggest transformation happened in my mindset. I began to see my worth and regain my confidence. I believed in myself and became addicted to progress. I loved how it felt to break barriers and conquer my fears. I found my inner warrior and became unstoppable. My story went from "The inner witch is right" to "Let's go warrior mode on her"


I got my NASM certifications: CPT, CES, Precision Nutrition Coach certification and decided to dedicate my life to empowering women with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to get in the best shape of their live and fall in love with their bodies.


When I'm not coaching clients or leading empowerment workshops, I can be found hanging out with my boys at the pool or the beach. I am a personal growth junkie and love discussing mindset and self improvement topics. Summer is my favorite season and the beach is my happy place. 


About  Me

We all have a story, this is mine!

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