I have been a gym rat since I was 16, and I've tried every diet in the book. But each time I lost weight, I gained it all back with interest. Of course, my emotions went on a roller coaster ride each time. I'd lose the weight, feel good, get my hopes up high, and then invariably gain the weight back and feel frustrated and lost again. 

In 2014, I joined a Lose 15 lbs in 30 days challenge and it changed the way I looked at fitness forever. I won the challenge and went on to lose 80 lbs in the next 10 months with the help of my coaches. My personal trainer Joe, helped me change was my mindset around nutrition and exercise. I got rid of the guilt and shame around food, and I began to feel empowered as I broke barriers in every session and went on to do spartan and mud races, something I never thought I could do. 


With each breakthrough I made, I realized that I had this whole fitness thing backwards. It wasn't about the latest diet or workout trend, but more about understanding what got me there in the first place and working on healing from that.


It was about understanding how the diet industry had manipulated people like me for so long. It was about knowing how to detach emotionally from food and use it as fuel to nourish my body. It was about challenging myself in each workout and seeing the results of effective movement. I began finding joy in the journey and felt empowered to do more. This experience changed my life and I knew I had to pay it forward, so I decided to invest time and energy into learning everything I could about nutrition and fitness.


 I went on to get certified as a NASM CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) as well as a PRECISION Nutrition Coach certification and I take pride in renewing my certs every 2 years to stay up to date in my field.