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7 steps to weight loss success

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

On a recent trip to Sedona, AZ, I saw these stacked rocks balancing all over the hikes we went on. Legend has it that if you can get 7 rocks to balance and make a wish it will come true. I don't know if that's true, but as I sat and observed them, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities in creating something as delicate as that and getting your body in shape. Getting fit, just like stacking these rocks, requires the following 7 principles: . 1. With the rocks, you need to clear the area first so you have a flat, clean surface to work on. With fitness, you need to clear out old habits and patterns that may have held you back. #ClearOldHabits 2. With the rocks, you need to start with a strong foundation of large flat ones and then build up. With fitness, you need to have a strong foundation by understanding how food and exercise affect your body. #StrongFoundation 3. With the rocks, you need to take your time finding the perfect rocks to add on to your creation. With fitness you need to find the best coaches or books or teachers to help you go in the right direction. #BePatient 4. With the rocks, you have to accept that there will be mishaps, the rocks may tumble as you try to balance them. With fitness you need to know there will be imperfect days but you can’t give up. #SetbacksHappen 5. With the rocks you gotta keep trying and stay consistent, until you find the best way to balance the rocks. With fitness, you gotta get right back on the wagon after a bad day and show up even when you don’t feel like. #ConsistencyIsKey . 6. With the rocks you cannot take shortcuts (my son wanted to take someone else’s stack and add it to his as he started getting frustrated, but it didn’t work). With fitness you can’t just do what someone else is doing, you have to figure out what works best for YOU. #NoComparisons 7. With the rocks, you have to stop and admire the amazing art you have created, each step is a celebration. With fitness, you have to make sure you’re celebrating each step and each accomplishment, no matter how small it is. #CelebrateYourSuccess Do you see yourself in any of these steps? I feel like I keep circling around each of these 7 steps. I'd love to hear where you struggle in this process.


Blogger bio: Chitra Rochlani is a NASM certified weight loss and body transformation coach. Chitra empowers her clients to break free of the diet mentality and develop a super speedy metabolism using fitness, nutrition and mindset tools. She believes that her personal weight loss transformation and work with hundreds of clients gives her a unique perspective in an industry focused on quick fixes and gimmicks. She uses her "Fit Warrior" method to combine nutrition, fitness and mindset to help her clients look, feel and perform at their best.

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