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I want to celebrate the middle, the glorious, messy middle.

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Do you remember the last time you set a goal, perhaps on your birthday or new years day?

The excitement of a new beginning, putting together a new plan and getting ready to accomplish that big and scary goal, it's filled with hope and joy.

I know for example, the beginning of the new school year was always exciting for me: going to the stationary shop, buying brand new pencils, notebooks, and book covers. Nostalgic and fun.

And the end is equally exciting: the joy of an accomplishment, the celebration and cheer.

We often share a lot of excitement around the beginning and end of any goal, but if you pause to think about it, the start or the end would be meaningless without the middle.

But nobody thinks about the middle- the middle is like a forgotten cousin - we know its there, but we don't focus on it much.

If I could change that I would totally emphasize most of our attention on the middle. The ooey, gooey, messy middle is where ALL of the magic happens. The part where the caterpillar actually turns into the butterfly, the transformation.

Here's the problem though..unless you have experienced a transformation of any kind, you will not value the "middle". In fact it is likely you dread it with all your heart.

Think about how many times you've started a new diet only to give up as it got difficult or planned to run a 5k or marathon and gave up in the middle coz it was too hard.

Or that time you declared that you would meditate every single day? Yeah we all know how that went. #Guilty

Now I want you to think about one of the hardest things you've accomplished in your life. Whether you landed a dream job or you accomplished a physical feat, what was the biggest lesson you learned from that experience? I'm going to go out on a limb and say the lesson was learned in the "middle"

In fact, if you ask anyone who has been experienced success, no matter how big or small, they will tell you their favorite part to talk about is the "middle" because that's where all the magic happened. That's where the acknowledged the pain, that's where the hardest lessons were and thats where they saw their own power shine through. They remember how empowered and proud they felt at the end because of the glorious middle.

So I'd like to challenge you to shift your perspective a little, next time you take on a new challenge, take a moment to account for the middle and the steps that go into creating a transformation. Think about how we actually grow into the person who accomplishes a goal with ease and flow and who do we need to become to get there. What is the work that we need to do and what are the blocks that may be limiting our success?

Of course I personally love the "middle" because this is where I have seen countless magical miracles happen, for myself and my clients. I love holding my clients' hands as I take them through that healing, cathartic ooey, gooey magical mess of a journey.

So my question to you, just like the Bebe Rexha song, is "Why don't you meet me in the middle?"


Blogger bio: Chitra Rochlani is a NASM certified fitness, nutrition and mindset coach. Chitra empowers her clients to break free of the diet mentality and develop a high speed metabolism using fitness, nutrition and mindset tools. She believes that her personal weight loss transformation and work with hundreds of clients gives her a unique perspective in an industry focused on quick fixes and gimmicks. She uses her "Fit Warrior" method to combine nutrition, fitness and mindset to help her clients look, feel and perform at their best.

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