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Frequently asked questions


Q: What is a "spiritual" counseling session? 


A: Spiritual counseling is a way for you to tap into guidance from your spirit guides (usually our loved ones) who have a big-picture bird's eye view of our lives. I will work as the medium/ channeler and help you get answers to some of your burning questions. 

Q: How will I know it is my loved one coming through?

A: Our guides are not interested in proving their presence to us. They come in to help us and if they think it will help us to receive a specific piece of information, then they are happy to provide it, but otherwise, they will tell us what we need to hear and move along. I have had several readings where I will share something I could never have known. I tell my clients to focus on the messages they are receiving and allow them to resonate.

Q: Do the "spiritual counseling" sessions need to be in person?

A: No. The sessions can take place in-person or on zoom. 

Q: What language do the spirits communicate to you in?

A: The language of communication in the spirit world is thought. They can read our thoughts and communicate with each other and us via thoughts so language is not a barrier. Every now and then, I will get particular words in a different language that I may not understand but the client does.


Q: Can u connect if the loved one passed on 16 yrs ago?

A: We absolutely can and chances are they have been trying to connect and that is why you’re getting pulled to reach out. We usually give a soul a few weeks after their passing before trying to connect.

Q: What kind of problems do our guides help us solve? 

A: The message our guides give us will either give us peace and closure in a way that we have not felt before. They may give us clarity in a struggle or block that we are facing, or a push towards our alignment or purpose in life. Essentially their goal is to help us get back to the purpose our soul was put on this earth to accomplish.


Q: How do I know when it’s time for me to come see you? Do I even need this?

A: You will feel the pull to connect when it’s time. We are capable of a lot but when it comes to our own problems sometimes we get caught up in our heads and are unable to see the bigger picture. This is when our guides can show us a creative solution or vision from their bird's eye view.

Q: I don't want to bother them with my silly problems. Isn't my life a result of my karma? This feels like cheating the system. 

A: Consider your guides like your coaches. If you were struggling with something in school or a sport, wouldn't you reach out and get some help from your coaches? And wouldn't your coach be happy to guide you? 


Q: Why do our guides want to help us?

A: Our guides tell us that they evolve and rise higher in their world through good karma. While we have the physical abilities to do so much more than them, they only have the power of thoughts so they try to give us as many thoughts to improve our lives and those around us. Most of our ideas come from their world. We just need to put our egos aside and listen.

Q: This all seems a little scary. I don’t want to open a can of worms or learn about what may go wrong in my future.

A: Our guides are not interested in scaring us. Their primary purpose in showing up is to simply connect with us because they miss us or want to guide us when we feel stuck, or help protect us and our families. 

Q: Can you predict my future? That scares me.

A: I don’t do premonitions, so I doubt I will tell you something scary. Also the future is fluid, not set in stone. We live in a constantly changing environment and sometimes our guides will nudge us towards a better path, but we have free will and we can exercise it at any time.


Q: What kind of messages can you help us get?

A: I can help you get messages that will help you remove the subconscious blocks holding you back in your life. I can also help you identify your soul's true purpose and mission in this lifetime by asking your guides for healing and clarity. This is usually done by passed relatives or spirit guides who want to help you. 

Q: I don’t have any dead relatives that I know of. Can I still get guidance?

A: Absolutely! Even if you weren't close to your relatives who have passed on, you have spiritual guides and helping forces of nature working with you all the time. In our session, you will only receive the messages that will help your soul get aligned with its true purpose.  


Q: What do the guides get out of helping us?

A: Our guides are always trying to improve their karmic bank balance in the spirit world and they do so by being of service. By helping us improve our lives and serving those around us, they also rise up in their journey.


Q: How does intuitive healing work? 

A: If you are going through a physical pain or ailment, I will intuitively know where to place my hands on your body and either apply pressure or channel the healing energy for you. I may also get some messages for you while doing the healing. 

Q: How long do the sessions take?

A: Typically a session is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Q: How often should I connect with my guides?

A: Our guides are always around us and can be available as soon as we think of them. Remember they communicate in thought. You can connect with them as often as you like. As or booking sessions, follow you instincts and when you feel like it's time to connect, reach out andI'd be happy to see what messages come through for you.

Q: How do I book a session? 

A: Click here to book a session. 

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Chitra Rochlani is an intuitive medium/ healer who has worked through auto writing, energy healing, and spiritual guidance for the past 20 years. 

She offers counseling sessions to help people get "unstuck", identify the blocks holding them back and help them see the path to a more fulfilled, passionate life.

Chitra serves as a conduit between clients and their loved ones who want to come through with messages.

To book an appointment, please click here.

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