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What a difference three months make! Chitra helped us believe we could do this and helped us find our inner warrior! 

It is obvious she is passionate about what she does and really cares about us as individuals. That means a lot to me and has made all the difference. It was what I lacked at my previous gym, I didn’t really feel like anyone cared about ME, the person.

I am happy and proud to have been on this journey. 

Marisa (13 lbs down)





I never thought I would lose so much weight, but I am more excited that I feel stronger and I am prioritizing self care & my well-being. Chitra's  experience, positive outlook, and kickass training is a perfect combo for unleashing the WARRIOR within you.I am so glad that weight loss wasn't the only focus of this program.You have showed us the truth—that there are NO shortcuts! 

Seema (14 lbs down)






My goal was not weight loss but to get strong and tone my body..


What I love about working with Chitra is that she has an upbeat, no nonsense style, so I knew she would push me in a supportive way. I have more muscle definition and I feel stronger and overall healthier.

Lisa DiSciullo




I needed to find a coach who understood my mental weight struggles, could keep me motivated through the hard days and had the specialty training to help me - a non-athlete - feel strong, healthy and hopeful - and ultimately maybe even a little younger!


Thank you Chitra for enhancing my life!

Tara Gilvar (down 16 lbs)
Tara (2).png







One of the best things I did while in quarantine was sign up for training sessions with Chitra. She was literally the reason I got out of bed some days when my mind and body were feeling blah. She’s super motivating and fun to work with and helps me set new goals week after week. Slowly but surely, I’ve gotten stronger and love the feeling of staying in shape without ever having to hit the gym. Thanks Chitra for being such an awesome trainer and friend during this crazy time.

Jini Ettigi




I have lost 18 lbs since I began my journey in May, I have worked with Chitra on my nutrition and fitness and in 3 months, my cholesterol and A1C numbers have dropped to a healthy range.


What I loved about Chitra is that she is human in her approach and I can relate to her as her client.

Lal (18 lbs down)
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I began working with Chitra in 2018.

Before that, I tried kickboxing classes and random food restrictions.

Chitra quickly discovered my competitive edge and tapped into it. She used it to help me get to my goal in a short amount of time. I would recommend Chitra to anyone who needs to feel empowered to live a healthy, strong and sustainable lifestyle.

Nickie Sims







I worked with Chitra in her virtual bootcamp membership and loved her energy and the motivation she provided in class. She helped me push harder and I loved her creativity in the online workouts.

I lost 9 lbs in a month and began to love my body again.

Ele DePosson
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I have been working out all my life and invested in gym memberships, passes to expensive fitness boutiques from bar to cycling. It wasn't until I met Chitra that my body started to really change. I never thought it could happen especially being in my mid forties. But Chitra's fitness process, her nutrition guide and her positive mindset has helped me become more fit and strong. I am so happy with the results! It's so much more then being slimmer - it's about living a healthy life and feeling confident in my skin. Thank you Chitra.

Mallika Malhotra



Working out with Chitra has been a great learning experience. I have tried personal trainers before, but was never educated on the significance of nutrition and how it impacts our bodies. Chitra taught me the importance of strength training and educated me on eating a balanced diet. She took the time to understand my strengths and weaknesses and pushed me accordingly. My goal was mostly to get stronger but happy to say I have lost 7lbs and feel much stronger and healthier now. Chitra is a great trainer with lot of compassion for her clients . I LOVE the positive energy she brings to her workout sessions.

Alpa Patel

Before I reached out to Chitra, I was doing a high intensity fitness program.

However, I realized that just working out was not helping in reaching my weight loss goal. I knew I had to learn to eat right. Working with Chitra changed my approach to food in general. One of the biggest learning experience was planning my meals and having them at the right time of the day.


I would highly recommend Chitra to anyone who is looking to lose weight along with her fitness program. Overall after working with Chitra, I have a better awareness about what to eat and more importantly when to eat and balance it with my workout routine.

Radhika Jain
IMG_4095 2.JPG

I've been working with Chitra since June 2016. She has been there every step of the way for me, between working out, working through injuries, and building my strength. She manages to quietly motivate, as well as loudly celebrate small victories. She has a unique understanding of how difficult the weight loss and healthy journey is, which brings so much to the table. After working with several different trainers in the past, I've found Chitra to bring something very different to the table: she listens and responds to special requests, providing an individualized workout based on each client's needs.

Elissa Cohen
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