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Interactive Workshops & Presentations

There are two things I am passionate about, learning and sharing. I love educating myself on all things mind, body, and spirit. Anytime I find an idea that sparks a perspective shift in my mind, I want to share it with others. I have also been told that my special skill is in breaking sown complex and confusing subjects and creating a simple, step by step plan to help people achieve their goal.


As a health coach, I have been sharing my passion for mindset shifts that help us achieve our health goals. I believe that if we can win the mind, we can win the body.


As a medium and intuitive healer, I have been passionately sharing ways to tap into our intuition and in a simple and practical way.


See below some more information on booking me as a presenter at your next event.

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Podcast interview 

Game On Girlfriend

Podcast interview 

Behind The Spotlight

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