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The day I got initiated as a medium!

Updated: May 17

A little backstory first. I got married in November of 1998. A few days after my big fat Indian wedding, my father-in-law announced to the room that we were going to get blessings from the elders and started walking towards my bedroom.

Say what?

I had no idea what that meant especially since all the 'elders' I knew had left.

Before I could say anything, the whole family walked into my bedroom and sat down on our bed. My sister-in-law who was the only 'medium' in the family, took out a notebook and pen and began to write. My father-in-law sat beside her and began to read what she wrote:

"Welcome to the family, new daughter-in-law! How are you?"

I was pretty dumbfounded as to who was asking that question and looked at my husband who had conveniently forgotten to mention that his family not only believed in communicating with relatives who had passed but also considered it a very normal thing.

This was the first time I was introduced to the idea of mediumship and auto-writing. I remember awkwardly answering "I am fine" out of respect for everyone there and the rest of that conversation is a blur (a likely after-effect of shock?)

We moved to the US shortly after and we didn't speak about it much, and I chalked it to this being "his family's thing". A couple of years later when we went back to visit his parents in India, we learned that since my sister-in-in-law was moving out, my mother-in-law had been trying to meditate every day hoping to channel messages, and she was a medium now.

As she shared her experiences, we were filled with intrigue and curiosity. She invited us to wake up at 4 am the next morning with her. So we did. She channeled some messages through auto-writing and then handed me the book and pen and said, "Now you try!" I told her I didn't know how 'this' worked and there was no way I could do it.

She insisted I try and if it didn't work, I could pass it on to my husband. So I took the book and as soon as I touched the pen to the paper, I felt something move. It was a surreal experience- I felt a rush of energy move through my arm and felt my hand move. I began to write my name in Hindi, (wrong spelling and all) and it just got bigger and faster and I freaked out. I gave the book to my husband. I told him what I felt, and didn't know what had just happened. He took the notebook and started to channel messages the very same day.

In essence, we both realized there was something here that we couldn't deny. We both looked at each other and talked about this experience and realized two things:

  1. We couldn't deny what just happened.

  2. We had so many questions.

We spent the rest of our time in India waking up every morning at 4 AM and asking for guidance on what we were supposed to do with this so-called gift. Each day we asked questions, and we got a one-page answer to these questions from our guides. We sent these pages back to my father-in-law in India, he shared them with a few close people and one of them said we should publish these into books. We continued this daily practice for about 7 years. Someone else came forward to say he knew a publisher and before we knew it all of these messages from the other side got published into 7 volumes.

Today I consider this ability to be one of the most precious gifts in my life. I used my guides' help for personal and professional guidance and have seen that the guidance I receive is always spot on, beneficial to me and everyone involved, and keeps me in a state of ease and flow.

How does this apply to you? Have you ever felt an intuitive pull to do something that your human mind may have seen as irrational? What if this was guidance coming in for you and you just instinctively followed it? Not sure if it's your intellect, imagination, or intuition? Read about my 7 tips to identify and strengthen your intuition here.

I'd love to invite you to pay attention to the one thing that made you decide on the school, partner, dog, job, or house when you had more than one choice and how many times have you relied on your intuition to make that choice.


Blogger bio:

Chitra is a keynote speaker and author of “The Warrior Mindset: 7 Mindset Shifts to Unleash Your Inner Warrior” and a medium and intuitive healer.

She empowers professionals and organizations to tame their evil inner witch and unleash their inner warrior. Chitra helps leaders tap into their intuition, and lead with intention, and alignment. She is also a medium and intuitive healer and founder of the P.F.H. (Peel, Feel, Heal) framework which helps her clients eradicate unnecessary stress, get in touch with their innate wisdom, and attract the people and experiences they desire. 

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